The company you know as Tennessee Mountain Tours was born from a love of one thing ... The Great Smoky Mountains. Not only do we love our mountains we love to share them with others and tell our stories. If not for the stories passed from person to person then the heritage of our mountain people would fade away into history. These mountains have many stories to tell and we aint talking about the ones you can read in books. It was decided that our guides would be local folks. People who know what its like to be raised in the Smoky Mountains. People who had stories to share and a love of this most beautiful part of our world. 

     The Smokies, as we like to call them, are more than just a collection of trees, rocks, and dirt. Long before it was known as a national park it was a home. Before the European settlers came there were the native american tribes of the Cherokee nation. Even before man came to know this land it had stories to tell about its creation due to Africa slamming into the North American continent. We are here to tell those stories. We are a company who cares about sharing history, heritage, joy, laughter, stories, and memories. Story telling back in the old days was more than a form of entertainment, it was an art. Some of our distant ancestors from the islands use to call it "the gift of the gab". Our goal is to have you walking away with a deeper understanding of our area and its people. Our motto is "Do more than just see the mountains, experience them like never before". That motto is meant to inspire our guests to do more than just see the sights. Anyone can drive around and see trees and old cabins. Its like looking at photos with no caption. You only get part of the picture if all you do is see it. We show you the sights and tell you their stories so you get the whole picture. We help you to feel it so you can understand what it might have been like to be there. To visualize what it was like to huddle around a chimney on a cold winter night in a harsh and new place. 

     Each of our tours are written and designed by an expert local guide. Some tours have you enjoying a nice hike at a pleasurable pace to see, hear, and smell the mountains. Others are a peaceful joy ride on one of our buses while being fully narrated by your guide/driver. All our tours are amazing and unique. We have worked hard to create tours which are fun, educational, inspirational, informative, and so much more.

     We are very serious about customer satisfaction. Countless guests have confirmed what we already knew, that guided tours by real locals is one of the best things to do on a real Smoky Mountain vacation. 

Current Statistics since Operations Began in April 2016

Number of Tours: 852

Total Number of Passengers: 10,123

Number of Reviews: 250+

Number of Photos Taken: Lots and Lots and Lots

Average Passenger Count: 13.2

Most Popular Tour: Moonshine & Wine 

Second Most Popular Tour: Sights of the Smokies

Most Popular in 2016: Roundabout Gatlinburg

Most Popular in 2019: Moonshine & Wine Tour

Most Bookings in a Month: Moonshine & Wine

Number of tours we have canceled:  63 (due to weather or low numbers)

Worst Tour: Unexplored Gatlinburg - 3 Bookings (Canceled)

Guide Favorite: Vittles & Views because we get to eat great food

Most Popular Tour This Month: Moonshine 'N Wine 

Updated 6/28/2022