Cancellation Policy 

Tours can be canceled at any time up until 72 hours before the tour begins. Once you are inside 72 hours there are no refunds. However, if you wish to cancel inside 72 hours you may request a gift card which can be used later. If you booked a 9:00 am tour for the 13th you must cancel by 8:59 am on the 10th. 

There are no refunds due to weather unless it is considered dangerous. We have no control over rain/clouds which could negatively affect your tour. We understand and we do offer rain checks for those who request them. You may reschedule your tour for a later date which is subject to availability or request a credit in the form of a gift card. This request must be made before your tour ... not during or after it.

No-Show Policy:  No-shows are nonrefundable, no exceptions. A no-show is someone who does not show up for their tour on time. This includes, for example, those who book for 6 guests and only 4 show up, the missing 2 are considered a no-show and are not eligible for a refund. If you accidentally miss a tour or members of your party do not show you have 2 options. Option 1: Request a credit in the form of a gift card. Option 2: Join the next available tour that has room to spare. We allow you 24 hours to contact us for these options.


Customers who book with a 3rd party will go by their cancellation policies. For 3rd party customers we are happy to re-book you on a new tour if you miss your tour or have to cancel last minute however, there is a fee of 20% for this service. We may also issue a gift card to be used at a later date if you wish but the same applies, there is a 20% fee. EXAMPLE: If your tour costs $100 then we will re-book you on the next tour for $20 (20% of 100). This applies for all bookings made though TripAdvisor, Reserve Direct, Vacations Made Easy, Viator, Etc ... If you book directly with us and something comes up last minute then there is no fee to change tour dates or to get a gift card for the full amount of your tour. This fee is imposed to off set the fee that they charge our company.

Need to get in touch with us??

Need to get in touch with us to ask a question or get help on a booking? No problem! Just give us a call or text or even an email. You can also find a form at the bottom of every page where you can submit your inquires to us. We try to reply to all emails and inquires within a day but sometimes it can take a little longer so please have patience. If you need to get in touch quickly we suggest calling or texting. If you call and get a voicemail please leave a message, we will return the call shortly. Sometimes our lines get a bit busy. We are also available on different social apps. We make it as easy as possible to get you assistance when you need it. 

On weekends we are on Call Back Only (C/B), which means if you leave a message we will return your call but we do not have live operators on weekends. Simply leave a short message stating you'd like to book a tour or that you have a question and we will return your call as soon as we are able, usually within 2 hours.

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