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Moonshine Mixology Tour

Length: 2.5 Hours


Ever sat down at the bar to order your favorite drink, take that first sip and then think to yourself "I sure wish I knew how to make it this good at home"? Yeah us too, so we partnered with one of our favorite local craft distilleries to create a tour that does more than just let you taste it, we teach you how to make it into mix drinks. This is a VIP backstage pass that's part tour part class. The average bar-tending class costs over $200 per class and cocktails average $8 each. This tour will teach you the tricks of the trade as well as let you actually drink your newly made concoctions. As you enter the building you will be instantly greeted by the staff with a cocktail to enjoy as they give you an overview of what to expect and how to proceed.


This service is not open to the public and is a unique one of a kind experience only given to those booked on our tour. This tour is an amazing value considering you get a class, a tour, and 8 hand made cocktails to drink ... plus any alcohols you purchase on site will get a discount. There will also be mixer sets available for purchase if you would like to keep the party going back at your hotel/cabin. The retail cost of these services is over $335 per person on average and we offer it for only $89.99 per person or $149.99 for couples. After your tour and class you will get to hang out backstage with the master distillers to ask questions and get answers.

Transportation is provided from our office in Pigeon Forge and we will return all guests back to that location after the tour. Please understand this is a tour that involves a good bit of alcohol so please plan ahead for your safety and the safety of others. We will be happy to drop you off at a local restaurant along our route back to our shop if you request it. We do have Uber/Lyft in our area as well as taxi service. We are happy to help in obtaining transportation after your tour if you request assistance. 

Transportation to and from the distillery. This tour includes 90 minutes of hands on instructions for mixing and making several cocktails using spirits on hand at the distillery, you will get to drink your self made cocktails. You will also get a 30 minute behind the scenes tour of the facility to see how the alcohol is produced. You will get a total of 8 cocktail drinks to enjoy on this tour. This tour also includes a mixing tumbler, 2 drinking glasses and shot glasses. You will get to take these items home with you after the tour. These items are provided by the distillery and are included in the price of your tour. 

You may book as a single participant for $89.99 or as a couple for $149.99 ... **If you book as a couple you will share the items provided for the mixology class and drinks.**

You may book as a single participant for $89.99 or as a couple for $149.99 ... If you book as a couple you will get 1 drinking set to share during the experience. 

This tour departs from 153 East Wears Valley Rd. Pigeon Forge, TN

Please check in at the tour office 15 minutes before departure time.

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