Tour of Three Cities

Length: 2.5 Hours

This tour is a great introduction to the cities of Gatlinburg, Pittman Center, and Pigeon Forge. Each city has a unique history and traits that make it special. Learn about the earliest settlers and how the area went from tiny unknown logging town to the gateway to the Smoky Mountains, the nations most visited national park. In each city you will learn more about the people, both past and present.
How was Gatlinburg first settled, who lived here before that, and what kind of people live here now. Pittman Center is actually older than its sister city and has a very unique history all its own. This tiny town was once larger and more populous than Gatlinburg but now is almost forgotten by and unknown to passersby. Pigeon Forge was once known as String Town and was nothing more than a dirt road and grist mill. Learn how it grew to be the entertainment center of East Tennessee and the location of hometown hero Dolly Parton's famous Dollywood. 
Along with learning the history of the past you will also learn about present and future. What kind of places have the best food, where can you go to get a good drink, what shops have the best deals, and more. Learn from a true local whats hot and whats not. Its a great way to get the lay of the land and learn new things even if you have been here many times. We also discuss whats planned for the future because these areas continue to grow and expand and new things are always in the works.
This tour is great for first timers and return visitors both. No one knows more about this area than someone who's family has lived, worked, and died in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains for over 215 years. There are many new tour companies popping up of people moving to the area and claiming to be a local, but they have no roots and no heritage ... all they know is what they read in books, books whos information comes from our families. Our stories are those passed down through the generations, they are real life accounts of life in the Smokies, not just information recited from google or blogs. We've been here for centuries, not years. Come learn the real stories.