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Vittles & Views


Length: 3 Hours 

This 3 hour tour takes you for a ride down through the valley and up over the Foothills Parkway for some of the most amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Not only do you get to see the beauty of the Smokies, you also get to hear the stories and history of the area told by a real, native born local. Our guides are some of the best story tellers in the county. Passing down stories from generation to generation has been a tradition for mountain folks for over 200 years. This is an amazing tour for those who really enjoy the beauty and heritage of the Smoky Mountains. 

This is more than just a simple sightseeing tour, its a showcase of what living in the Smokies is all about. We are famous for 2 things here in East Tennessee ... Mountains, and amazing food. We will be having a meal (breakfast or lunch depending on your tour time) at one of 2 amazing local restaurants. Elvira's Cafe is well known in the Valley and all across the county for having some of the most amazing "farm to table" food served fresh daily. We have taken hundreds of folks to enjoy a meal at Elvira's on our Sights of the Smokies tour and have had nothing but amazing reviews on her food. Our other local restaurant is Hillbillies, a local establishment with some colorful food options. Try their fresh "possum" served up daily. This Wears Valley icon has been in business for many years and is a true local favorite. 

You will not be disappointed on this tour if you love to hear great stories, eat amazing food, and see some of the most beautiful sights in the Smoky Mountains. 

This tour will include a meal at a local Wears Valley restaurant. The restaurant that you will be eating at is determined by the tour operator based on the season, time of day, and/or available seating. Your guide may change the restaurant at the last minute if he/she deems it necessary to stay on schedule or at the groups request (if possible). 

What is included in the meal?   

1) A drink of your choice   

2) A single entree of your choosing   

3) Any sides that come with that entree (some come with 1 side others with 2 sides).

4) We cover the bill including all taxes and fees.

What is not included in your meal 

1) Extra Entrees   

2) Extra sides   

3) Dessert   

4) Extra drinks   

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