Moonshine & Wine Tour


Length: 4.5 Hours

Moonshine Tour in Pigeon Forge

We are the first, the original creators of the famous "Moonshine & Wine Tour" of the Smoky Mountains. We have been operating our moonshine & wine tour in Pigeon Forge Tennessee since 2015, all others are just a cheap imitation. Only our customers get the best vip treatment and are offered the best deals on booze. We even get the backstage pass at some locations to view how its made (but thats on a different tour lol). When people ask us how long we have lived in the smokies we are the only company that can say our families have lived here for over 200 years, our roots run deep, we are true mountain folk.

Some folks want to try the once outlawed and taboo liquid known locally as white lighting, good ol mountain dew, or Tennessee moonshine. We will give you more than just a taste of this one of a kind drink, we will give you its history here in the Tennessee mountains. Some of our most famous local moonshinin residents will be discussed. These fine brew masters have flavors ranging from the hard hitting traditional corn mash or rye to the amazing and sweet flavors like apple pie and strawberry shortcake. We will try to get to as many as 3 local moonshine distilleries on this tour.

While some want to try shine others like the more relaxed and delicate taste of a quality wine. As most wine aficionados know the taste can change based on where the grapes are from. Here in the mountains of East Tennessee we have some very rich soil and we produce some of the sweetest grapes. Our flavors are unique to us and our part of the world. You will get to see inside the wine cellar and taste some of the magnificent quality wines bottled right here in Sevier County Tennessee. We will be visiting up to 3 different wine distilling locations on this tour.

Our route can change from time to time which can also change the number and type of locations visited. This all depends on the local traffic conditions at the time of your tour. For the best moonshine tour book with Tennessee Mountain Tours. Our moonshine tasting tour was voted #1 in 2020 and we have a perfect 5 stars on Google with nearly 100 reviews. 

Our moonshine & wine tour is constantly ranked high on everyone's "must do list". (Bring your ID, you WILL need it)