Length: 5 Hours

Colors in the Smoky Mountains

   This tour is designed to showcase the unique colors of the Smoky Mountains in the fall. The peak colors change from year to year but we always try to track down the areas where the most color can be found. This tour runs only from October through mid November.


   Along the way you will see a lot of the local area inside and outside of the park. Your guide will give you a lot of information along the way about the history and heritage of the local area and its people. The route can change from day to day based on the guides intuition and the areas where color may be most likely. This is the best way to enjoy the colors of the Smokies because we do all the driving and we know where to go. Tree color isn't always going to cooperate in the earlier part of the month, please bear this in mind when choosing your date. Even on those days when color isn't easily found however, we show you some of the most amazing views and regale you with stories and history.


   This tour also includes lunch at a local restaurant. This is a traditional sit down meal not a bagged lunch. Price does not include tips, please tip your server. This tour is a full 5 hours of sights, stories, food and views that can't be missed. Its a limited time seasonal tour and it always fills up quickly so be sure to book your date early before it is sold out.


What is included in the meal?

1) A drink of your choice   

2) A single entree of your choosing   

3) Any sides that come with that entree (some come with 1 side others with 2 sides). 

4) We cover the bill including all taxes and fees.

What is not included in your meal

1) Extra Entrees   

2) Extra sides   

3) Dessert   

4) Extra drinks   

5) Tips (please tip your servers, we suggest $2.50 for each person in your party)